augustus 27, 2015

Autonoom project > beesten met een boodschap 


Refurbeasts worden gemaakt van oude bontjassen die behoorden aan dierbaren.

Op deze wijze wordt de jas waar vaak emotionele waarde aan hangt, hergebruikt tot een dierbaar object.



RTL Boulevard
Museumnacht Amsterdam
Dutch Design Week | Jannissima conceptstore

“Refurbeasts brings old fur coats back to life in a way that is both fair to the animal that gave its coat as well as to the former wearer. It’s a tribute to animals and emotional value.

Fur coats used to be the height of fashion and a symbol of wealth and luxury. These days we know better and wearing fur is not done. Hundreds of thousands of passed on coats now remain tucked away in attics and closets. But that doesn’t do the animal or former wearer any justice. That’s where the idea for Refurbeasts came from. Refurbeasts brings old fur coats back to life and turns them in to the animal it used to be.

This way we shape the taboo that rests on an often emotional family heirloom in to a positive conversation piece fit for any living room. Keeping your loved ones closer.

Refurbeasts, for many more generations to love and learn.”


Bekijk de video hier


Website Refurbeasts

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